Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday #OOTD

So today I went to a morning yoga class and then straight to do some shopping near my studio. I went to lululemon and didn't like anything or already had what I did like. I was contemplating a raspberry glo light swiftly tech but then I realized I had waaaaay to much pink already. I chose to wear my plum/raspberry glo light inspire crops with my raspberry glo light contempo jacket and a White Live Lightly Tank Top I got in the WMTM section a few weeks ago. I really do have an addiction to pink

Friday, August 30, 2013

FRIDAY #OOTD!!! Btw- Its my Birthday Weekend :)

Soooo.... its my birthday weekend! I'm so excited... lots of fun things to do. Today I had to go tutor in the morning and then I came home and relaxed a bit. I wore my pinkilicious power-y tank top with my om pants, I forget the name of the color. As I've said before, I'm obsessed with the om pants. Ive worn them almost every week this summer; the material is perfect. Once it gets a little colder, I'm going to have to put them away but I'll wear them again come spring. If you can get a pair of om pants- Don't Hesitate!!!

Pinkilicious Power-Y Size 2
Grey/White Om Pants Size 2



Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yoga in the Park with the Boyfriend

So yesterday I went to the park (as you saw in my last post) but I also did a bit of yoga (its been a while!). I moved to a different city this summer because of school so my practice of yoga has significantly decreased. I hope to get this back up after labor day weekend so excuse the out-of-shape poses! I had so much fun doing this with my boyfriend... by the way he is the photographer for ALL of my photos :)


Warrior II

Dancers Pose - Love Yoga, Wish I was into it
like I used to be back in the Winter

Version of Relaxed Warrior

Peace & Calmness 

Just breath deeply

-- Lulu Junkie <3

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday #OOTD & The Dance Studio Jacket

Hey Junkies! So today I had orientation for my grad program, exhausting! So of course I wanted to wear something comfy. I wore my Raspberry Glo Light Inspire Crops & CRB. I also threw on my Black Comtempo Jacket thoroughout the day because the campus building was cold. Afterword to relax a bit, my boyfriend and I went for a walk and I thought it would be the perfect time to try out my New Dance Studio Jacket!! I absolutely LOVE it, its a great piece for the fall, I'll be using it multiple times a week. When I get jackets, I usually size up and buy a 4 so since they didn't offer size 2 in this jacket, I bought a 4 and I'm a little disappointed with the fit. I wish I went with the 6; the 4 probably looks better but in terms of comfyness and having some room for another layer, I'm missing out with the size 4. Enjoy! :)

My #OOTD for MSW Orientation: CRB Size 2 and Inspire Crops Size 2
 Both Raspberry Glo Light (Can you tell I'm obsessed with Raspberry Glo Light yet? hehe)

Dance Studio Jacket!!!!!!

Black, Size 4

LOVE the front


Couldn't love this jacket anymore <3

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bliss Break Wrap in Light Grey

Here's one of the two bliss break wraps I own. I literally cannot wait to wear this wrap, wunder unders and uggs at the ski lodge this winter while reading a book (I'm not a skier but the BF and family are). This is perfect for fall, winter or any cool/cold weather. You will def be able to wear it under a jacket. I loved it so much I bought 2, they're so comfyyy!! hehe I'm such a lulu junkie. And since I shared with you the other day my RFYL White Wee Are From Space Crop pictures, I figured I'd add some modeling shots too. Enjoy junkies!

Bliss Break Wrap in Light Heathered Grey Size 4
RFYL Crops in White Wee Are From Space Size 2
and the Love-Ly Tank in Black Size 4

The pockets are amazing

Love wrapping my self up in the Bliss Break Wrap

It will cover your butt, its on the longer side

Today's Arrival & Order

Tuesday is probably one of my favorite days of the week besides Saturday. Every tuesday when there's an upload, I usually buy something. Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the USA from where the wear house is that sends out the orders so it takes usually 1 week to arrive. Here is what I ordered last week and got today... Also a sneak peak of next week :)

Seeing this packaging always puts a smile on my face

Dance Studio Jacket in Black Size 4
(More pics and review to come)

And these fabulous pieces are what I will be receiving on next Tuesday and of 
course will share everything and anything about them 

Tuesday #OOTD

Today I went to a couple of doctors appointments, ran some more errands and got a few things ready for my first day of classes for my Masters of Social Work Program tomorrow!

Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve in Plum Size 4
Run For Your Life Crop in Plum/Raspberry Glo Light Size 2

The Back of the Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve Shirt

Front of the Plum/Raspberry Glo Light RFYL Crops
LOVEEE the inside waist design

Back View

Monday, August 26, 2013

My Other Obsession: TRUE BLOOD

Can I just say that I am probably just as much addicted to True Blood as I am Lululemon. Here's a little treat for all of you Trubies out there... Enjoy

Completely Obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard

Eric & Sookie <3

More Of My Collection- Tanks & Run For Your Life Crops

Here are some of my summer tank tops. As you can see, I mainly wear Lulu everyday - HAHA! Also, here are my 2 pairs of Run For Your Life Crops. These are great for running, they're so comfortable and I never have to adjust them; def grab a pair if you're ever able to! I also just got a new pair *hint plum hint* that I will be sharing with you soon

All of my Summer Lulu Tank Tops - Sizes 2 and 4

Run For Your Life Crops in Laceoflage Polar Cream/Bleaming Blue 
and White/Wee Are From Space White - Both Size 2

Absolutely love the design on the butt of the White/Wee Are From Space White RFYL Crops. I'm kinda upset I didn't grab a Track Attack Skirt when I could have because it had the same cross on the butt. Oh well, theres always more lulu to buy :)

Monday #OOTD

Loved today's outfit. I bought both these items a while ago but I wear all my lulu constantly, no matter how long ago I bought it. Of course I always buy new stuff almost every week but don't all of us addicts do :)

Root Chakra Pant in Inkwell *Grey Demin (on back) Size 2
Forme Jacket in Fresh Teal Size 4

Love the zipper pockets for my cell phone and keys

Grey Demin on Back of Pants

Long Hair, Don't Care :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday #OOTD

Here is my #OOTD today. I just lounged around and relaxed a bit and went out for lunch.

Black Contempo Jacket (Size 4), Raspberry Glo Light CRB (Size 2) 
and Charcoal WU Crops (Size 2)

Follow Up on the Tech Mesh Tights

I really enjoyed wearing the tech mesh tights last night. Obviously they are comfy because they're lulu but I also received many compliments. Im glad I decided on the soot instead of the black, I was contemplating that one for a while. I chose soot because how many black luon bottoms do we addicts own? A LOT! Hehe :) Heres some close up pictures if you're not following me on twitter (@lulu_junkie) and missed seeing them there. I also have a future outfit idea at the bottom.

Tech Mesh Tights in Soot Size 2

I thought this would be such a cute outfit for the next time I go out and wear the tech mesh tights at night. Pair them with hot pink stilettos, my Louis Vuitton Milla Clutch in Black Multicolor (I could even add my strap and wear it cross-body) and a black top. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Saturday Night!

It's Saturday Night and I am off for a night on the town. I've chosen my lulu purchase that arrived today (wouldn't be a surprise if you follow me twitter @lulu_junkie) which are the Tech Mesh Tights in Soot! A review and outfit post will be coming soon. I paired the tech mesh tights with a  loose fitting top and some black peep toe stilettos.