Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's #OOTD

So I had my master's program classes all. day. long. oh my god was today a long day. Four, 2 hour lectures back to back. Anyways... I HAD to wear my Skinny Will Pants because Im totally obsessed with them. I also wore a Power Y and Contempo Jacket.

Beach Blanket Blue Power Y Size 2
Skinny Will Pants Ziggy Wee September Black Size 2
Soot Light Contempo Jacket Size 2 (all my other Contempo's are Size 4)

Tuesday's Arrival

Okay, so I know I;m late and its thursday, WTH! I'm sorry I'm posting this so late, I just wasn't sure about the initial order and Ill tell you why.

Here are the 3 pairs of pants I bought. I got the Wunder Unders in Heathered Slate/Black and Black/Deep Coal. I also got the Skinny Wills in Ziggy Wee September Black- All Size 2 

Then I tried everything on and i FELL IN LOVEEE with the Skinny Will Pants. Like, oh. my. god. I see myself wearing these twice a week. I wear them low rise every time but I love them and got so many compliments. So this is when I got to thinking...

I really love this pair ^^^ the Wonder Unders in Heathered Slate/Black... but that color comes in the Skinny Will Pants! So I returned the above for....

The Skinny Will Pant in Heathered Slate/Black. Same pattern, just different pants because I love the fit of the Skinny Wills any day over Wonder Unders.

Before I returned them, I compared them to last year's lighter grey herringbone Wonder Unders. The ones on the left (last years) were specifically called "Herringbone" while this years they were not, even though its the same pattern. I don't know why. 

I also got the Power Y in Pow Stripe Raspberry Glo Light/Plum in a Size 4. I usually get a Size 2 but I think I will be getting 4's from now on in this style. The 4 is definitely more comfortable. 

Yesterday's #OOTD

Oh my gosh, it feels like foreverrrr since I posted. Here's what I wore yesterday... I've had the craziest past two days! This time of the year is just unreal, I hate it. Excuse the shower hair, I wanted to take the pics in the morning because I wasn't sure if I would have time later! Anyways, I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am. I wore my Fresh Teal Forme Jacket and CRB with my Black Clam Diggers.

Fresh Teal Forme Jacket Size 4
Fresh Teal CRB Size 2
VSX Sports Bra (shhh!!!)
Black Clam Diggers Size 2

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today's Purchases

So this mornings upload was alright, definitely not as good as last weeks. I bought 3 things. I am also getting a package later today with last weeks order so I'll post that later as well!!

I decided to get the Urbanite Pant for my internship this year. It is a pretty casual environment but I love wearing black pants over jeans anyway! Jeans aren't my pant of choice hehe I LOVEE angel wing so when I saw the Astro Pants in that print (and in my size!!! 2talls are hard to get) I jumped on them right away. I thought the Heart Opener Tank in Hyper Stripe Angel Wing would look cute with the Astro Pants so I got that top also. Did you junkie's get anything?

Yesterday's #OOTD

Sorry for the late post but here is yesterday's Outfit Of The Day... I finally was able to squeeze in a mani/pedi so before I had to tutor, I went and pampered myself a little bit.  I wore my Dance Studio Jacket and RFYL Crops :)

Dance Studio Jacket in Black Size 4 (Still wishing I went w/ the 6!!!)
RFYL Crops in Plum/Hyper Stripe Raspberry Glo Light Size 2
Just a plain black cami underneath :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Is Coming!!!

So fall is without a doubt on it's way... its freezing right now! Omg, my Bliss Break Wrap is perfect for tonight. I showed you guys my first one, here is my 2nd bliss break wrap. It's great for a chilly night like tonight and I cannot wait to use it this fall and winter!

Bliss Break Wrap in Dark Heathered Grey/Black Size 4
CRB in Aquamarine Size 2
Wonder Unders in Black Size 2

Def Butt Covering

Some More Of My Collection...

Here are all of my Lululemon jackets I own... the only one that is missing is my new Plum Nice Asana because its drying (laundry day was today, boo).  Enjoy!

Top: Inkwell/Commuter Denim Forme Size 4, Porcelain Blue Stride Size 2, Aquamarine Forme Size 4, Fresh Teal Forme Size 4
Middle: Black Dance Studio Size 4, Black Contempo Size 4, Soot Light Contempo Size 2
Bottom: Pink Shell Forme Size 4, Raspberry Glo Light Contempo Size 4

Saturday, September 7, 2013

NYC Night!

So last night I went out to NYC and had an amazing time. I went out with a group of people and we all went to a couple of places. We started off at one bar and then went to another bar which was a rooftop bar. It was an amazing night! It was on the chilly side so instead of bringing a jacket, I chose to wear a long sleeve. I wore my Tech Mesh Tights in Soot and my Chai Time II Pullover in Grey (?)

Chai Time II Pullover in Grey, I'm not sure of the color name Size 4
Tech Mesh Tights in Soot Size 2

Thursday, September 5, 2013

OMG... I LOVE My Nice Asana Jacket!!!!

I may only own one Stride Jacket, but I know how amazing they are from all the old reviews I read. It's also pretty obvious that the Stride/In Stride jacket is missed by all the noise we make about bringing back the old jackets, even though Lululemon never listens. But here is an AWESOME replacement. I got so many compliments today on this jacket, and it is soooo beyond comfy and warm. It was on the cooler side today so I didn't take it off once. I wore it with my Raspberry Glo Light CRB and Charcoal WU crops.

Raspberry Glo Light CRB Size 2
Charcoal Wunder Under Crops Size 2
Nice Asana Jacket in Plum/Pow Stripe Raspberry Glo Light Size 4

Love the zipper on this SO much more then the Contempo Jacket,
its actually a normal zipper with the fab hair tie :)

Love the front

Def on the longer side so it gives your butt some good coverage 

Raspberry Glo Light CRB peeking out a bit