Monday, August 26, 2013

More Of My Collection- Tanks & Run For Your Life Crops

Here are some of my summer tank tops. As you can see, I mainly wear Lulu everyday - HAHA! Also, here are my 2 pairs of Run For Your Life Crops. These are great for running, they're so comfortable and I never have to adjust them; def grab a pair if you're ever able to! I also just got a new pair *hint plum hint* that I will be sharing with you soon

All of my Summer Lulu Tank Tops - Sizes 2 and 4

Run For Your Life Crops in Laceoflage Polar Cream/Bleaming Blue 
and White/Wee Are From Space White - Both Size 2

Absolutely love the design on the butt of the White/Wee Are From Space White RFYL Crops. I'm kinda upset I didn't grab a Track Attack Skirt when I could have because it had the same cross on the butt. Oh well, theres always more lulu to buy :)


  1. Are you sure that the WAFS crops you have are RFYL crops and not the Pace crops? I have the Pace Crops and they seem to be exactly what you have, right down to the design on the butt and the white mesh on the back of the knees :)

    1. If i remember correctly they were RFYL crops but i recently saw another crop that looked EXACTLY like them.