Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Is Coming!!!

So fall is without a doubt on it's way... its freezing right now! Omg, my Bliss Break Wrap is perfect for tonight. I showed you guys my first one, here is my 2nd bliss break wrap. It's great for a chilly night like tonight and I cannot wait to use it this fall and winter!

Bliss Break Wrap in Dark Heathered Grey/Black Size 4
CRB in Aquamarine Size 2
Wonder Unders in Black Size 2

Def Butt Covering


  1. Love this wrap! I'm really sad that I'm too short to buy one, it's like a dress on me!I find a lot of lululemon clothing is too long for me being 5"1, too bad they don't really cater to the petites out there.

    1. Thanks for being my first comment! I really appreciate it! I totally agree, lulu def makes there stuff long.