Thursday, September 5, 2013

OMG... I LOVE My Nice Asana Jacket!!!!

I may only own one Stride Jacket, but I know how amazing they are from all the old reviews I read. It's also pretty obvious that the Stride/In Stride jacket is missed by all the noise we make about bringing back the old jackets, even though Lululemon never listens. But here is an AWESOME replacement. I got so many compliments today on this jacket, and it is soooo beyond comfy and warm. It was on the cooler side today so I didn't take it off once. I wore it with my Raspberry Glo Light CRB and Charcoal WU crops.

Raspberry Glo Light CRB Size 2
Charcoal Wunder Under Crops Size 2
Nice Asana Jacket in Plum/Pow Stripe Raspberry Glo Light Size 4

Love the zipper on this SO much more then the Contempo Jacket,
its actually a normal zipper with the fab hair tie :)

Love the front

Def on the longer side so it gives your butt some good coverage 

Raspberry Glo Light CRB peeking out a bit

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